General training information

With small classes, everyone receives the individualized attention deserved!
Please remember that vaccination records (DHPP/Bordetella & Rabies) must be submitted before classes/workshops/ seminars start.

We believe that training should be fun for you and your dog and continue throughout your dogs life!

Additionally, gift certificates are available for those you know who may need a brush up or someone who has recently been adopted by a dog!

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Our basic manners classes are for dogs’ ages 8 months and up. There are 2 versions of the basic manners training. The first is “Basic Manners for City Living” and the other is Basic Manners Boot Camp”. Both versions of the training cover the same material but gives you two different ways to learn.
Basic Manners for City Living

This class allows you and your pup to learn all that is needed to be a successful part of city life.

You will work with your dog on the basic fundamental behaviors needed for everyday living such as learning how to sit, stay & come when called to name a few.   We work with distractions as much as possible so once you leave the class, your dog can be an immediate success!

4 Spots Available
This class is 4 weeks long

1 hour a week

Cost: $250

OR try basic training another way – Boot Camp Style!

Basic Manners Boot Camp

My Two Dogs, 134 Boerum St.

(Coming Soon!)

Are you short on time but still want all the benefits of a basic manners class? Can’t commit to 4 or 6 weeks of training but you and your dog still want to learn as much as you can in a shorter time frame? Then this style of class is for you!

It covers the same behaviors but, in a fun, fast, fluid format.

4 Spots Available
This class is 2 weeks long
1.5 hours a week

Cost: $200


This workshop will help teach your dog how to leave objects alone, drop objects, and watch you instead of getting into trouble while out for a walk.

4 Spots Available
This workshop is 90 minutes long

Workshop is held at Bushwick Bark

Cost: $100

If your dog pulls, drags you all over the street and wants to say hi to every human and dog that passes, then you might want to join us for our leash walking workshop.

Held at Bushwick Bark

4 Spots Available
This workshop is 2 weeks long
1 hour a week

Cost: $150

Here Comes Baby – Baby & Dog Get Along!

Held at My Two Dogs

7pm – 8pm

Expecting a baby? Adopting? Have a dog that needs help meeting your new member of the family? Then this is the class for you! We aim to teach you proper safety, introduction and behaviors to help your dog and baby grow in a peaceful environment.

This class consists of 2 – one hour classes and a one hour follow up session post-natal.

4 Spots Available

Cost: $175

Stop Driving Me Nuts! It’s All About Focus!

A workshop for the less than star canine pupil in your life!

It’s time to teach your problem child some manners! If your dog likes jumping, stealing or annoying you, then bring your pup to this workshop. This Workshop will give you all the tips you need to teach your dog how to start behaving. You will learn how to get your dog to sit, touch and have your dog’s attention.

4 Spots Available
This workshop is 1.5 hours long

Held at Bushwick Bark

Cost: $100

Want to help your puppy grow into a well-behaved dog? Then this class is for you. Puppyhood is the perfect time to morph good behaviors. This class gives you all the tools and tips needed to help you understand your puppy, and to begin building an understanding together. After the class is over, you two will be an unstoppable team!

Held at Bushwick Bark, 181 Irving Ave.

3 – 4 Spots Available
This class is 4 weeks long
1 hour a week

Cost: $250

The city is full of distractions. Help your dog tune those distractions out and come to you when called by attending this workshop. This intensive workshop solely focuses on recall which allows you to practice with your dog in depth and learn all you need to learn to get your dog to your side when needed.

4 Spots Available
This workshop is 1.5 hours long

Held at Bushwick Bark

Cost: $100

Want to train your dog but are completely clueless where to start? Don’t worry; we have all been there. Or maybe you just want to dip your toes in training? This workshop will teach you what you need to know to get you started. This workshop is faster than a basic manners class but still gives you the tools needed to begin training.

Held at My Two Dogs

3 – 4 Spots Available
This workshop is 1.5 hours long

Cost: $100

Trick Class

Held at My Two Dogs

Does your dog love to be in the spotlight and get attention?Then this workshop is for you! Come learn how to teach your dog to crawl, spin, sit pretty and take a bow among others. Dogs must have basic skills such as sit and stay and must not be aggressive or reactive to other dogs or people.

3-5 Spots Available (depending on location)
This workshop is 2 weeks long,
1 hr each

Cost: $150

Let your puppy romp around in safety; supervised by professional trainers. You will learn how to spot proper puppy play and watch your puppy master the art of play!

Limit of 5 puppies per playgroup
45 minute sessions

Cost: Free with pre-registration

Come and ask a trainer that question that you have always wanted to ask! You will receive tips and advice on what you can do for your dog and with your dog.

Please note that this is a human only seminar for dog related questions and issues.

5 Spots Available
This workshop is 1 hour

Cost: $15

This is a human only workshop regarding the newest member of your household – the puppy! Since they don’t come with a user manual our workshop can be the closest thing to it for you. Come and ask a trainer any puppy related question and get some tips and tricks for surviving puppyhood.

5 Spots Available
This workshop is 1 hour long at My Two Dogs

Cost: $15 (with a 10% off class and 15% private booking)

Holiday Manners

Boot Camp Workshop

Sat., December 7th

9:30am – 11am

Held at Bushwick Bark,

181 Irving Avenue

Santa’s cookies? Check! Wrapped gifts? Check! Dog well mannered? Not so much.

If your dog may end up on Santa’s naughty list then this workshop will help!  We work on and fine tune the behaviors that will help your dog handle just about whatever the holidays toss your way: company, family picture taking, and staying away from the table.

4 spots available
This workshop is 1.5 hours long

Cost: $100


Our private training ranges from one session to a package that we can create for you and your dog’s individual needs.

Behaviors that can be worked on during private training include:
House training
Leash Walking
Go to place/lay down
Come when called

If you do not have the time to attend training classes you can also put together a basic manners package that you can work on as your schedule allows.

Private Sessions are by appointment and can be booked with either a Junior Trainer or a Certified Pet Dog Trainer.

Coaching and Training Done in Home:

  • Junior Trainer:
    1 hour – $125
    3 hours – $350
    5 hours – $550
  • CPDT:
    1 hour – $150 / 2 hours – $250
    3 hours – $400
    5 hours – $650

Coaching and Training Done in My Two Dogs (134 Boerum Street, Brooklyn):

  • Junior Trainer:
    1 hour – $100
    3 hours – $325
    5 hours – $525
  • CPDT:
    1 hour – $125
    3 hours – $375
    5 hours – $625

Private Consulting for Behavioral Issues

We offer private consultations for people who feel they need help with their dog’s behavior or feel a class style setting will not address their needs.

Some common behaviors that would require a private consultation include:
Reactivity on leash
Reactivity towards other dogs
Reactivity towards strangers
Separation anxiety/trouble being left alone
Leash walking
Fear based anxiety/phobias

$200 for a 2 hour session.
An initial phone/email consultation takes place before the session that includes assessment and a training plan.
Follow up coaching sessions can be purchased for $100 an hour after the initial session.

During the initial consultation you will be asked questions about your dog’s daily routine and behavioral history.
You may also be asked to provide video of the dog’s behaviors. We can then create a plan that includes behavior modification for everyone to start working on with the dog.
Your dog’s behavior will be observed as well as all interactions with family or household members during the session.

After the session you will be emailed individualized notes to help keep everything that was discussed and worked on clear.

If for any reason we do not feel that we can help your dog because the problem is out of our expertise, we will refer you to a veterinary behaviorist.