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We offer virtual consultations for people who just aren’t sure what to do and need some guidance.

$25 for a 30-minute fact-finding session. We do not do any training during this, we create a plan, answer questions, help you find the right package to choose, and answer any questions about our offerings.

Consultations are done via Zoom.

Email [email protected] to start the process


There are times when living with your four-legged family member can be challenging; we offer a personalized approach to dog training and cover everything from basic manners to behavioral issues.

Every dog is unique and we strive to find the best way to help both you and your dog. What works for one dog may not work for another dog.

Every client and dog dynamic has different needs, so we offer classes, private pre-set packages, and customized private packages.

Take a look at what we can do for you!



My Two Dogs Open Enrollment Classes: For a model dog you can take anywhere!


Feeling overwhelmed? 

Does your dog pull you all over the street? Jump on everyone they meet? Does your dog tune you out and pretend not to know you in public? We can help.


Our real-life classes are the solution, and our unique approach means you can start right away—no waiting for relief!


My Two Dogs Puppy & Basic Manners classes give you:

  • Immediate relief– Open enrollment means no waiting for the next class to start
  • Individual attention– Only four students per training class
  • Real-life results: Learn to navigate big city life and all its distractions with confidence and ease
  • Expertise– Benefit from over 15 years of professional training experience
  • Bragging rights: Enjoy having the dog everyone else envies as you take your dog out to the coffee shop or bar
  •  A great time out: Our fun & friendly approach will make training class the best hour of your week!

Open enrollment classes are designed to give you and your dog a safe, fun place to learn, using positive, force free training methods. 

Our classes allow you to join us the minute there is an open spot in class.

The class is six weeks long with a virtual orientation before you join.


 When class is over you and your dog should be able to navigate life and all its distractions with ease.

We are proud members of the following organizations:


Because puppies don’t come with instructions; you get to write the owner’s manual! Everybody loves puppies but wow, training can be tough! We can help you tame and train that little ball of energy. Our classes give you all the tools, tips, and hand-holding needed to help you understand your puppy and begin to build a strong relationship that you can be proud of. 

Are you ready to get started?

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Did you just bring home your new puppy and realize that you don’t know what to do now? Is your puppy too young for a group class and you wish someone would guide you through the process of having a new puppy? Don’t worry, we can help. We offer our Puppy Pre-K to puppies 8- 12 weeks old so you can learn all about house training, crate training (should I, do I have too?) how to start training and so much more! We’ll hold your hand and your puppies paw so we can help you both navigate your new life together.

It’s live online homeschool training for puppy pawrents!


The sessions are online using Zoom.
This is a Private Training Package of 2 virtual sessions and bonus time with your trainer for questions.
$ 125 plus tax
2 – 1 hour Sessions



Are you looking for someone to help you figure out your puppy? Do you wish you had someone to help you figure out what to do and hold your hand while you raise that crazy energetic fur ball?

Our open enrollment puppy classes are for you! We support you and your puppy every step of the way as we move through a safe comfortable learning environment for both of you.
We will help you recognize and maintain control of your puppy through safe, positive handling methods to help you raise your puppy.
We create a shared learning experience with everyone in class so when class is over, everything transfers into the real world and you will be able to capture your puppy’s good behavior.

Want your puppy to stop chewing on everyone and everything?
Want your puppy to be a rock star at the groomers and the vet?
Want your puppy to be able to walk around the neighborhood nicely?

We work on all things puppies! How to sit, stay, walk nice on a leash and share objects.

Come join us and your puppy gets a Puppy Passport as part of our Operation Socialization!
Help your puppy collect stamps for their passport as they move through the neighborhood practicing how to be a good puppy at local businesses and show everyone what positive training can do for a puppy (and owner)!

1.5 hour Virtual Orientation – $105

Sign up here!

When you have completed your orientation we will send you the link to register for the in-person sessions

6 – 1 hour sessions – $420

prices do not include sales tax


Many of us remember what it was like when we were kids and had a dog. We have fond memories of running around, playing, and cuddling up together at the end of the day.

We grow up, move out, and bring our first dog home expecting the same thing. Then we realize, uh oh – this is harder than it looks! Why isn’t my dog listening to me? What’s wrong with my dog?
What’s wrong with me?

Relax, take a deep breath, we can help. Life with our dogs is like any other relationship, we need to find the best way to communicate and change our relationship for the better.
We can help you learn how to speak dog!

We have classes, private training packages, and custom private packages, and specialized behavior modification for those harder to handle issues.

Because dogs don’t come with instructions and we can help.
Are you ready to get started?

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Having problems – we can offer you and your dog solution’s with our pre-set private dog training packages because everyone wants a dog they can enjoy.

Does your dog present you with that certain behavior that you wish they wouldn’t? Does your dog embarrass you with how they behave but you can’t find a training class specifically for THAT behavior?

Well we can help, we have private packages designed for dogs who like to pick things up off the street, (Don’t Touch That Package) pull you all over when you try to walk (Walk Nice with Me Package) or you want to really focus on very specific basic behaviors (Nitty Gritty Package).

We also have a private training package designed for those who are about to add to their family and want to prepare their dog for this big change (Here Comes Baby) as well as a Pre-Separation Package so we can all start to learn how to get away from each other. We can help you achieve results.

We offer all our private packages in-person, virtually or as a hybrid!  We will help you create a training schedule that works for you, no more excuses as to why you can’t work with your dog!

We can help you achieve the results and peace of mind you are looking for.

Because dogs don’t come with instructions and we can help you write their manual.





For Basic Manners students your orientation is 1 hour The Orientations are done virtually but the rest of the class is done in person. We meet once a week for your six weeks of training at Bushwick Bark, Irving location. Each class is designed with specific behaviors for you and your dog to learn to help complete tasks and challenges every week.
Want your dog to politely greet your friends?
Wish your dog would settle down while you work from home?
Want to go sit with your friends and have coffee or a beer?

We got you!

7 sessions includes: 1 hour virtual orientation + 6 training classes (1 hour each)

1 hour virtual Orientation – $70

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When you have completed your orientation we will send you the link to register for the in-person sessions

6 – 1 hour classes – $420

sales tax not included

Class sessions are Thursday nights
6 Sessions (1 hour)


Here’s a Bonus Offer for you!

Finished Basic Manners for City Living and you’re looking  for more.

Join us for our Advanced Manners Class.



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Want to work on something you don’t see offered in any of our other private training packages? We can create a package to help with your dog’s specific needs to help you achieve the results you are looking for. You’re having problems – we can offer you and your dog solutions. These packages are customized for basic fundamentals plus specific concerns.

$ 430
(3) 1-hour session package

(4) 1-hour session package

A Virtual Consultation is required to discuss this custom package.  Click here to get started.


Having reactivity issues? If your dog has a hard time getting anywhere without barking, lunging, and dragging you into trouble is one example, then our Behavior Modification package is what you are looking for. Behavior Modification packages are very detailed for the behaviors that we really want to change for the better and therefore require more time.


plus sales tax

6 Sessions (1 hour)

A Virtual Consultation is required to discuss this custom package.  Click here to get started.