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We offer in-person, virtually or hybrid private packages!

Does your dog need specialized training and attention?

Is your dog reactive?

Does your dog have trouble being left alone?

We can offer you and your dog solutions with our private training packages to help you achieve the results and peace of mind you are looking for because everyone wants a dog they can enjoy. We’ll hold your hand and help you through the rough spots.

All private packages are in-person, virtual or hybrid! 

We will help you create a training schedule that works for you, that’s customized to your training goal to help you achieve the results you are looking for.

We support you through your private training with spreadsheets, handouts and even video clips. We understand that every dog is different and we can help you find the best way to train yours.

You must book a Path Finder Virtual Consult with one of our trainers to discuss and set up a private package.

Because dogs don’t come with instructions and we can help you write their manual.

Custom 4 Pack Private Training

This Package is a 4, 1-hour session package with your trainer.


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Custom 6 Pack Private Training

This package is a 6, 1-hour session package with your trainer.


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Custom 8 Pack Private Training

This package is a 8, 1-hour session package with your trainer.


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Behavior Modification packages – for the dog who is having reactivity issues or a harder time.

This package is very detailed for the behaviors that we really want to change for the better and therefore require more time.

This package is a 10, 1-hour session package with your trainer.


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Separation Anxiety

This virtual package will help you break down and achieve your goals of helping your dog learn how to be alone without panicking.  

We use video analysis to help you become familiar with your dog’s behavior and their reaction to

being separated and how to give them (and you) new tools to reach your goals.

We include support for you through various methods so you never have to feel alone.

This package consists of an initial assessment, 5 sessions, homework, video analysis and 2 extra check ins. Totaling 8 hours of training.


Not sure how we can help you?

You can book a Path Finder consultation if you just aren’t sure what to do and need some guidance.


Garrison reached out for help with Smokey’s anxiety & his reactivity towards other dogs

“Training helped him to start becoming less triggered by other dogs, and I’ve learned techniques to assist in that. The top 3 benefits that I’ve taken from our training:
  • The importance of understanding how my communication w/ him matters just as much as his with me (body language, words, actions, etc.)
  • Try to remain calm even in stressful situations
  • Consistency is important

I recommend My Two Dogs for the helpful tips, engaging and committed trainer, easy kick off process to start training, the tracking methods of progress and the multitude of resources and techniques shared, My favorite part was the tracking, check-ins, and working w/ Daniela around the neighborhood.” – Smokey

Lola wouldn’t tolerate house guests

What are the top 3 benefits that you will take away?
  • A different outlook on training – it’s the foundation for a strong relationship with your dog, not a task to get through.
  • New skills that we continue to use on our walks and in training time with Lola.
  • Real life changes – we’ve had three guests stay overnight at our house!

We have better skills to help her deal with “scary” things like people coming to visit, loud noises, etc. Annie and Daniela were incredibly dedicated, it was clear that they care a lot about their work and the pets that it helps. They came with new strategies, tips, and tricks every visit, and were invested in continuing their own skill growth. They were incredible. Annie and Daniela are committed, thoughtful, and effective trainers. They helped us through some really difficult fear-based issues with our dog, Lola. She’s become more confident, and we have been able to see meaningful changes in both her and ourselves. I’d recommend My Two Dogs in a heartbeat.” – Lola with Nicole & John