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Let’s talk about
all things puppy!

Got puppy problems? Having trouble with housetraining? Puppy biting?

Looking for someone to help you figure out your puppy but don’t know where to start or look?

Do you wish you had someone to hold your hand while you raise that crazy energetic fur ball?

We can help!

Virtual Puppy Pre-K​

(for puppies 6 weeks to 14 weeks old)

Little Nippers Puppy Open Enrollment Classes

(for puppies 10 weeks to 6 months old)

Fear Free training classes

(for puppies who need a little special help)

Private Packages

(individualized personal training)

Client Testimonial:

“After completing our training, I feel better equipped to raise my puppy in NYC!”

– Lucy with Ollie

Virtual Puppy Pre-K

Is your new puppy too young to join a class?

Do you feel like you don’t know what to do now?

Do you wish someone would guide you through the process of having a new puppy?

Don’t worry, we can help.

We offer our Puppy Pre-K to puppies 8-14 weeks old so you can learn all about house training, crate training (should I, do I have too?) how to start training and so much more! We’ll hold your hand and your puppies paw so we can help you both navigate your new life together.

It’s live online homeschool training for puppies!

We offer our Puppy Pre-K Package as a 2 or 4 session package!

Get a head start on puppy class with our virtual program!

Mix and match topics that may benefit you the most. For those who book a 4 session package, you can join our Little Nipper Puppy Class without enrolling in our Little Nippers Orientation and move right into the training class.

Each session is 45 minutes long (30 minutes of learning the who, what and why), followed by 15 minutes of questions about how to help your puppy.

Friday nights 7:30pm – 8:15pm

Note- Just adopted a dog or older puppy and need help?  Our 2 Session Package of House Training and Alone Time/Crate Training may be helpful for you and your new dog!  over a year old!

Choose our 2 or 4 session training package and pick from the following sessions:

  • Puppy 101: The basics of the basics
  • Alone time and crate training
  • House training
  • Nipping and chewing

Up to 3 Bonus Training Q&A Zoom Sessions (depending on package)

2 Session Puppy Pre-K Package – $175 with 2 bonus zoom sessions

4 session  – $315 with 3 bonus zoom sessions

Continue your training and join us in the Little Nippers Open Enrolment Class when you’re done and receive a discount on that package!

Little Nippers Puppy Open Enrollment Class

We work on all things puppies! How to sit, stay, walk nice on a leash, share objects and stop chewing on everything!

We support you and your puppy every step of the way as we move through a safe comfortable learning environment where we help you recognize and maintain control of your puppy through positive handling methods.

Little Nippers Puppy Class Package total is $570

Classes are held at Bushwick Bark, 181 Irving Avenue on Tuesday nights from 7:30pm-8:30pm

Our Little Nippers Puppy class package consists of a 90 minute virtual orientation ($90) and 6 1-hour in person class sessions ($480) at Bushwick Bark, 181 Irving Avenue.

You first register for the virtual orientation where we discuss class rules, expectations, lay down some shared understanding and language around how dogs learn, why we don’t use punishment, etc.

After you complete your orientation, we send you the registration link for the in-person classes and you can pick your class start date.

Let’s get you signed up for puppy training class!

Fear Free Training Packages

Visits to your Veterinarian and grooming shop can be stressful for your puppy. With Free Fear Training classes we can help alleviate anxiety while helping your pup learn how to feel more comfortable and at ease in stressful situations.

Join us for our Fear Free Training classes to help your dog learn how to work on good grooming manners to help them understand the process. 

Taking the fear out of grooming

Is brushing, bathing, trimming nails or a grooming appointment a battle with your dog?

Don’t worry, we will help guide you to better grooming experiences. We will learn how to listen to our dogs and give them the control over participating while teaching them ways to gain confidence during grooming experiences.

Grooming can be a scary experience for some dogs. Using Fear-Free techniques, we have designed a 2 session in-person package to help you ease your dog into a better grooming experience and maybe even evolve it into a pleasant one!

The classes are held in My Two Dogs grooming shop. Now you can see what the grooming process can actually be like for your dog! We can help you and your dog learn how to work on good grooming manners to help them understand the process of grooming.


Taking the fear out of Veterinary care

A trip to the vet’s office can be a daunting experience for some dogs. It can traumatize both pawrent and pup.

Using Fear-Free techniques, we have designed a two-session package that is specially designed to help your pup become familiar with the handling techniques and procedures they may encounter during their visit. We will learn how to listen to our dogs and give them the control over participating while teaching them ways to gain confidence during their vet experiences.

2 one hour classes $160

Coming Soon!

Looking for something more specific or want private training?